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April 23, 2009 (Kearny NJ)  The Kearny School Board election results are as follows:

- James Doran, Jr. 886 (23.16%)

- Paul Castelli 771 (20.16%)

-Lisa Anne Schalago 759 (19.84%)

- Jean C. McKeown 720 (18.82%)

- Rosemary Martins-Marks 683 (17.86%)

-Personal Choice 6     (0.16%)

The School Budget passed by a vote of  732 votes (54.67%) to 607 (45.33%).

As  usual there was a  low voter turnout for the School Board election.  Less than 1500 individuals  turned out to vote.  There is a discussion on our discussion board regarding the low voter turnout.  New Member I Know started off the discussion with the following post:

May 3, 2009 (Kearny NJ)  As we gather today like many Sundays with our families and friends one story reminds us how precious these moments in time are.   Yesterday, family, friends, the St. Stephen's Church community, and Kearny paid their last respects to five members of one family:  siblings Anna Kane,76, Rose Kane, 75, Francis Kane, 78, of Kearny and their sister Jeanette Urbano, 72 and her husband, Salvatore Urbano, 74 of Passaic.  On April 25, a tractor trailer accident on the New Jersey Turnpike in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey turned a joyful trip to a wedding into a tragic event that claimed their lives.  Our condolences to their family and friends. 

May 23, 2009 (Kearny NJ)  Elm Dodge has made the national news with a feature story on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.  Elm Dodge has been a fixture on Kearny Avenue for over 60 years and its owner Greg Signore is understandably upset that his dealership is being closed down by Chrysler.  Elm Dodge is one of eight hundred Chrysler dealers being closed. 

Can someone explain how closing 800 dealerships is going to save Chrysler?  Doesn't the dealer purchase vehicles from Chrysler and then sell them?  Why would you want 800 less purchasers? 

May 10, 2009 (Harrison NJ)  This week the Red Bulls's project  continued along South Frank E. Rodgers.   Contractor's struggled along Rodger's Boulevard to connect water and sewer lines for the Red Bull's stadium.  The water pumps ran at times 24 hours a day pumping what appeared to be a endless supply of water because of the low water line in front of the Red Bull Stadium.  Sewer and water pipes that had not been exposed for years revealed what appears to be some soil which contained the remnants of Harrison's industrial past.  The soil was very black and appeared to be soaked with oil.  Hopefully, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has been vigilant insuring that any polluted soil is removed and cleaned before being reused or dumped in our landfills.  Progress in Harrison has not come without a cost.

The Redevelopers have been assisted by the McDonough Administration at every turn.  Recently, the Mayor and Council  modified the town's Financial Agreement with Advance, who is the designated redeveloper for area in front of the Red Bull's stadium, to insure that the redevelopers do not pay any real property taxes (or more accurately Payments in Lieu of Taxes) by granting them the privilege of not getting taxed until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.  In effect, the Mayor and Council have circumvented, to the benefit of the redevelopers, the New Jersey tax law which requires a tax assessor to impose a partial tax on improvements made to a property. 


Marines march in Kearny's Memorial Day Parade.  Photo by Connor Jay/Jersey Journal

Photo courtesy of Jersey Journal

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