Community News

January 1, 2009. (Harrison, NJ).  KOTW wishes everyone a Happy New Year.


January 20, 2009 (Kearny, NJ).  This week our member Town Tec, the webmaster for Kearny's Official Town Website, announced that the official Kearny Town Website would not contain a link to Kearny On The Web.  The rationale for not linking KOTW was set forth by the town's website as follows:

"The KOTW shouldn’t be in the town website, anyone can say anything here good or bad though mostly bad. The town web site is a place where one can get information about the town and should put a positive light on the town. In the KOTW anyone can say anything without any fact check. I posted an article about my friend / coworker that died and underneath my post it still say’s “Reason for edit: KOTW Note: The above information has not been confirmed. “ It was posted in the Observer and anyone can call the town itself to get it verified yet it still has the statement. If companies really believe half the stuff they post in here no one will ever want to come to Kearny let alone live here. My job is to help the town and employees, do you think it would be wise to post a website were anyone can say anything without any fact checking. There one article here in the forum about the town getting sue for 25 million dollars, but for some reason it miss all the papers.
KOTW link is posted in the library website because the library is for community discussion good or bad."

March 1, 2009 (Harrison NJ) It's official.  The website uncovered by one of our readers is the town's new official website.  The town's official web address hasn't changed ( ) but the content has been updated.  KOTW notes that there is no link to prior or future meeting agendas but what can one expect from the McDonough administration that is proud of a  record number of last minute Special Meetings to pass substantial ordinances.  The most recent Special Meeting held on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 was centered around allowing the Town of Harrison to bond an additional $8,500,000.00 for Infrastructure Improvements for developer Harrison Commons, LLC and CJUF II Harrison Phase I Urban Renewal, LLC, a subsidiary of Canyon Johnson Urban Fund

February 15, 2009 (Harrison NJ).  One of our readers sent us an email with what appears to be the new Town of Harrison official website.  The website is a fancier version of the Town's current website.  The design is more user friendly.  We are unsure whether the website is actually going to be the town's official website since there has been no announcement from town hall that there was a new website in the works.  KOTW hopes that the new website will link to KearnyOnTheWeb. Open government is in style so we hold out hope but won't hold our breath. 

Another website has sprouted up.  The website's design is very cool.  The content is borrowed from other websites.  The sites About page states that: is the leading destination on the Web for everything you need to know about the Town of Harrison. Whether you are a resident, a student, a business friend or just a visitor, our goal is to provide you with up-to-date information on: Town news, town meetings, current and upcoming events, recreational activities, local sports, businesses information and much more.

March 2, 2009 (West Hudson) Due to the snow storm, the Harrison, Kearny and East Newark public schools are closed.

The Harrison Weather Station is forecasting 6 to 10 inches of snow with blowing winds before the snow tapers off this evening.  The Temperature is expected to be around 19 degrees throughout the day. For more detailed and updated information visit the Harrison Weather Station hosted by the WeatherBug.