In 2001, a local resident decided that the Town of Kearny (New Jersey) and its neighboring towns of Harrison, East Newark and North Arlington needed a portal of information on the web.  KearnyOnTheWeb.Com was born and became an immediate success primarily because of its Message Board (Discussion Forum).

In late 2003, KearnyOnTheWeb was sold and a new webmaster took over its daily operation.  A new Message Board (now called a Discussion Board) was installed and improvements were made both to the content of the main website and to the Discussion Board's content.

What does the future hold?  It's partially up to you.  The Discussion Board is a hit.  Local Residents have had discussions about the lack of a Fire Department Contract to the Town Budget, to which Bar/Club is the best in town. 

In 2006, KearnyOnTheWeb's investment in increased bandwidth came in handy when we were mentioned in a New York Times Article entitled 'Talk in Class Turns to God, Setting Off Public Debate on Rights'. The New York Times article not only mentioned KearnyOnTheWeb but cited KearnyOnTheWeb's bulletin board as the source where anti-Matthew LaClair sentiments were expressed. In fact, there had been some anti-Matthew LaClair sentiments expressed on the discussion board. Soon after the publication of the New York times article, the tide shifted with an avalanche of posts from all parts of the country and world in support of Matthew LaClair. What followed was a huge influx of traffic. The full Discussion is still available on our Discussion Board. Do a search for Matthew LaClair and you will find several threads.

The next step is to involve members of the community to become contributing writers or reporters of events around town. 

KearnyOnTheWeb is looking for individuals to become contributing writers or reporters, with or without a byline.  Why?  Because the internet is a great place to exchange ideas and to get information out that otherwise would not get out to the general public.  If you attend town council meetings on a regular basis, you can report on what occurred at a particular council meeting.  If you attend town sporting events, you can report on those events.   By getting involved you improve our community. Throughout the years the KearnyOnTheWeb community has noticed that West Hudson's local media (the Observer and Kearny Journal), and New Jersey's largest newspaper, the Star Ledger, have repeatedly failed to cover important news stories in our community. KearnyOnTheWeb goal is to bridge the gap in news coverage and on occasion be the source of leads on potential news items.

Get Involved

KOTW is looking for individuals to get involved in the community by becoming  KOTW contributors.  If you are a parent, coach, teacher, student or resident that regularly attends a sports event, town meeting, or town event, KOTW would like you to submit an article about the event for publication.  If you regularly attend a council meeting, maybe you would like to be the KOTW council meeting reporter.  If you are a local sports enthusiast, maybe you would like to report on a local team.

To submit an article, email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can opt to have a byline or just simply ask that you be anonymous. You can also Create a Member Account and submit your article using our Submit Article feature.