Four Alarm Fire on Jacobus Avenue in South Kearny (Photo courtesy

February 1, 2015(Kearny, NJ) Kearny Firefighters were called out to Jacobus Avenue in South Kearny to battle a fire at a truck repair facility. The fire was intense because of the stored tires and other chemicals used in the Tire and Truck Repair Business. No individuals were injured as they evacuated the building before firefighters arrived. One firefighter was injured when a door fell onto him while he was battling the fire.

Mutual aid was provided by Harrison, East Newark, North Arlington, Jersey City, Bayonne, Hoboken, as well as a task force from Essex County.

As previously reported in the Environment Section of KearnyOnTheWeb, South Kearny is home to the Kuehne Chemical Plant which is two blocks away from this truck repair business fire. Kearny firefighters have not only residential structures to deal with but also chemical and industrial buildings in South Kearny. Mutual Aid is essential when dealing with these types of fires. In past years, New York Firefighters have provided mutual aid to Kearny in terms of a fireboat to help put out fires in South Kearny. New York Fighfighters were busy with their own fire in Brooklyn on Saturday in a record storage facility which had not yet been brought under control when Kearny's fire started.

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