May 10, 2014 (Kearny, NJ) Earlier today KOTW reached a milestone with the 90,000th post to our Discussion Board. It seems like yesterday that KOTW installed a new version of its Discussion Board in late August of 2003. The 90,000 post was in the "The Story Doesn't Make Sense" thread by a Guest poster "Non A-Hole Atheist" who pointed out the following:

Why would anyone bother to Debate with someone who's mind is already closed. Here's a Hint....Referring to Christians as "God Babblers" doesnt exactly make the case that you really CARE what they say. But thanks again for Reinforcing my earlier Posts about You guys. I wonder if you have any Christian Friends...and if you do, if you call THEM "God Babblers" to their faces...or are you just a jerkoff from behind a computer screen?????

The Discussion Board was the initial reason why KOTW was so popular. As one of our posters recently pointed out, KOTW is unique in that it allows Guest posters. On KOTW you don't have to register as a member or provide an email address to be able to post. That policy has generated many discussions that would not have otherwise occurred. KOTW's policy of trying not to edit or delete posts has also lead to some very good discussions on the board.

We are looking forward to our 100,000 post. We hope that we can reach 100,000 posts by the end of the year. But in order to do that we'd have to average a little over 42 new posts per day. Even though KOTW has some lively discussions 42 new posts per day isn't realistic. Running some statistics, it has taken 10 years, 8 months and 12 days to reach 90,000 posts. That is 337,651,200 seconds; 5,627,520 minutes; 93,792 hours; 3908 days; or 558 weeks (rounded down). The average posts per day are only 2.56 posts but statistics can be deceiving. KOTW's Discussion Board has been down on occasion which throws off the average posts per day statistic. KOTW has a lot more than 2.56 posts per day.

Persistence is a good trait to have. KOTW has been around for over 13 years and under its current management for just under 11 years. On a daily basis the Discussion Board is updated at least twice a day (with limited exceptions). KOTW is run out of the belief that our democracy cannot flourish without the free flow of ideas and information. There are some great debates that have taken place on KOTW. There was also information on KOTW that has lead to changes in our community and even some criminal indictments.

The investment in time and effort over the years is a labor of love. The limited income generated by advertisement on KOTW wouldn't support any one of our staff members. That doesn't mean that you should not click on our advertisements which are affiliate links that can provide some income to KOTW. An occasional purchase through one of our Amazon links is very rewarding. So, go explore the 90,000 posts that sit in our Discussion Board for everyone to see and ponder. The Discussions are sometimes stupid and sometimes brilliant. We are glad to have been here to capture them all for everyone's use and enjoyment.