March 8, 2014 (Kearny, NJ) Kearny Mayor Alberto Santos and Hudson County officials have accused NJ Transit of derailing plans the Town of Kearny and Hudson County had for South Kearny. Specifically, Mayor Alberto Santos is upset that NJ Transit's proposal to build a backup power generation plant in South Kearny has derailed plans to redevelop the Koppers (Seaboard) Koke Redevelopment Area. Mayor Santos in cooperation with the Hudson County Freeholders have been trying to redevelop the area to boost ratables for the town and county.

New Jersey Transit Train. Photo courtesy NJ Transit

The Koppers (Seaboard) Koke Redevelopment Area is located in industrial section of South Kearny. The Area consists of two former industrial properties totaling approximately 227 acres and is owned by the Town of Kearny and the Hudson County Improvement Authority.

Both properties have environmental issues which has impeded redevelopment in the past, but Mayor Santos stated that redevelopment efforts have identified two potential uses for the property which would boost ratables for the town and county. Mayor Santos didn't elaborate on the two potential uses.

The Koppers Coke Peninsula Redevelopment Plan is available online by clicking here.

Video of story at the NJ Transit Grid

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