February 25, 2014 (Harrison, NJ) The Harrison Council will be meeting tonight to select an interim Mayor to serve out the remaining term of the late Mayor Raymond J. McDonough. The Harrison County Committee met last night to nominate three potential candidates that will be considered and voted on by the Harrison Council. The interim Mayor will serve out the Mayor's term which ends on December 31, 2014. The interim Mayor may or may not run for a full term.

Late Mayor Raymond McDonough and Harrison Town Council members. Photograph courtesy of Town of Harrison website

Based upon information obtained by KOTW, the Council is expected to nominate and select President of the Harrison Board of Education and Commissioner of the Harrison Redevelopment Agency James A. Fife as interim Mayor to serve out the remainder of the year. It is not clear whether Fife will seek an additional term. Fife is a close friend of Harrison School Superintendent and Harrison Councilman James P. Doran. Fife will have to give up the Harrison Board of Education Presidency to assume the role as interim Mayor. Fife will remain on the Harrison Redevelopment Agency.

Other candidates may announce their intentions of running after the appointment. The Primary Election is June 3, 2014 and the General Election is on November 4, 2014.