March 28, 2013 (West Hudson County, NJ)Some may have not noticed but Kearny On The Web's Discussion Board was offline for two days as a stop gap measure to stop spammers from flooding the discussion board. The Board returned however in time to allow discussion on two important topics, the Harrison Frank E. Rodgers Blvd fire and the Kearny Board of Education Member and Former Mayoral Candidate John Leadbeater's federal indictment related to mortgage fraud.

KOTW installed a new captcha which requires Members and Guests to complete a simple picture puzzle in order to be able to post to the board. The change stopped the flood of spammers who were inundating the Board with posts which contained links to other websites. Spammers were not able to get their posts to the board but KOTW had been spending a lot of time deleting spammer posts.

Since the new puzzle captcha was installed the KOTW Discussion Board has gone back to its normal self. One of the posts yesterday reaffirmed a core reason why KOTW is an important part of the West Hudson and larger community. KOTW provides a venue where individuals can express their opinions and provide insight which is not available in the main stream media. KOTW allows Guest posting and that allows for the free flow of information.

The post entitled "KOTW Ahead of the Curve" stated "As a poster who often criticizes KOTW's lag and selective censorship, I must commend this internet forum on being ahead of major news stories like John Leadbeater's shady business practices (posts dating back to 2009) and David Paszkiewicz's constitutional violations in 2006. Long live KOTW (flaws and all)!" signed "KO". When the spammers were constantly attacking the board with posts, KOTW had to delete hundreds of posts while looking out for legitimate posts. KOTW has been around now twelve years and with a renewed sense of energy KOTW will continue to allow open discussion of issues that affect the greater West Hudson community. KO thanks for taking note that KOTW has and will continue to play a positive role in our community flaws and all.