February 1, 2013 (East Newark, NJ) Governor Chris Christie greeted and shook patrons hands at Tops Diner in East Newark. Christie who kicked off his campaign for re-election was in East Newark to pick up the public endorsement of Harrison Mayor Raymond McDonough.

Photograph courtesy of Robert Sciarrino/The Star-Ledger

Endorsements from members of your own party are not unusual but what makes this endorsement newsworthy is that McDonough is a Hudson County Democrat and the Governor is a Morris County Republican. It is not clear what ramifications there will be from the Hudson County Democratic Party as a result of McDonough's endorsement of the Republican Governor. Hudson County Democrats are good at reading the writing on the wall and it is clear that the Democratic party is having a hard time finding a viable candidate to run against the popular Governor Chris Christie.

Link to Photographs of the Press Conference

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