November 6, 2012 (Kearny, NJ) The following are the results of the Kearny Board of Education Election

James DORAN Jr. 2,396 19.41%

Deborah LOWRY 1,843 14.93%

Cecilia LINDENFELSER 1,830 14.82%

Daniel ESTEVES 1,765 14.29%

John J. CAMPBELL 1,305 10.57%

Renato da SILVA 939 7.61%

Paul CASTELLI 743 6.02%

James L. HILL 721 5.84%

Joseph J. MARTIN 566 4.58%

Lazaro BERNAVON 232 1.88%

Personal Choice 7 0.06%

Total Votes cast was 12,347. The top three vote getters, James Doran Jr., Deborah Lowry, and Cecilia Lindenfelser were elected. The other candidates fell short. Please note that absentee ballots, and military ballots including mail in ballots and email ballots cast because of Hurricane Sandy are not included in the above results. Candidates may also challenge the vote count. Candidate Daniel Esteves is only 65 votes from Cecilia Lindenfelser and depending upon paper ballots that need to be counted may be able to challenge these unofficial results.

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