November 5, 2012 (Kearny, NJ) On the heels of Hurricane Sandy and her devastating damage many would be voters may be too overwhelmed to think that their vote counts in tomorrow's election.

KOTW's Discussion Board has been very active with Kearny's Board of Education election with various posters trying to convince our readers that particular candidates deserve their vote. Some have argued that particular candidates and/or particular slates should not get an individual's vote.

The Kearny Board of Education election is the first time the School Board election is being held as part of the General Election and not as a separate election held in April. Unforeseen Hurricane Sandy may lower voter turnout and thus damage the intent of moving the Board of Education Election to November from April to increase voter turnout. Voters concerns over using all their free time toward recovering from the storm may taken them away from casting their vote.

Beyond the Board of Education election, there is a Presidential Election and Senate Races among others. Check your ballot before going to the voting booth and also check out the two public questions. One of the Questions concerns Bonding and the second on a Constitutional Amendment allowing for decreases in Judiciary Salaries.