May 26, 2012 (Kearny, NJ) Filmmaker Vic Losick announced on a post on KOTW's Discussion Board that his documentary In God We Teach was released to the public on YouTube. KOTW has embedded the documentary below (follow the Read More Link). The documentary is balanced and explores the issues surrounding the events that transpired when Kearny High School Teacher David Paszkiewicz was recorded making statements in class which student Matthew LaClair thought were inappropriate and in violation of the constitutional protection of separation of church and state.

Although Vic Losick is obviously aware of KearnyOnTheWeb and its Discussion Board, Mr. Losick did not provide a credit or mention of during his one hour documentary. The Paszkiewicz / LaClair story broke out from being a local story to a national story when New York Times reporter,Tina Kelley, wrote an article entitled Talk in Class Turns to God, Setting Off Public Debate on Rights' reacting to the anti-LaClair posts on our discussion board and referenced our website.

KOTW's policy of not editing posts allowed the true feelings of local residents to be expressed. It was only after the New York Times article and its mention of KearnyOnTheWeb did the tide of posts changed from anti-LaClair to pro-LaClair. The posts are still on our Discussion Board for all to review. KOTW believes that at least an honorable mention was appropriate in the documentary. It is a mystery why there was no mention of KearnyOnTheWeb in light of the fact that the posts on the board inspired the New York Times article and explored the issues raised by the documentary.

What do you think? Let us know on your Discussion Board. KOTW couldn't help but join the discussion.

Here is the embedded video of "In God We Teach":

The YouTube Video was removed. KOTW updated the above link to the Vimeo version of the video.