As KOTW has suggested previously and as Greenpeace has once again pointed out in its report, the Kuehne Chemical needs to convert its plant to eliminate the storage of high quantities of chlorine by having on site generation of smaller quantities of chlorine gas on a just in time basis. In its report Greenpeace suggests that Kuehne Chemical can follow other industry leaders in converting without the use of government funding. KOTW previously suggested that Kuehne be given a low interest loan to secure its South Kearny facility by converting to a "just in time" facility. The technology is available that would secure the safety of 12 million residents of the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

Why hasn't Kuehne Chemical or our government protected us yet? We will get protection after someone attacks the plant and lives are lost. In the Gulf of Mexico, there is fine example of what Government inaction has caused. Government inaction in the Gulf has caused a slow ecological disaster with no immediate end in sight. An attack on the Kuehne Chemical plant will cause an immediate disaster with a potential for a large loss of lives. Why? Because our government including local elected officials, county officials, state official and federal officials seem to be waiting for the other guy to take the lead.

The executives of Kuehne Chemical should also be held accountable for their resistance to implementing the "just in time" plant conversion. Kuehne's executives are putting profits over the safety of its neighbors. It is time that all our elected officials get together and visit the Kuehne Chemical Plant in South Kearny and demand that the plant convert immediately to the "just in time" production of chlorine. Let us not wait until its too late.

Visit our Environment Page for previous articles on the Kuehne Chemical Plant. KOTW thanks Greenpeace for once again bringing this very important issue back to our frontpage. KOTW had not forgotten about it and our Environment page continued to publish our previous stories on the site but KOTW wondered whether anyone bothered to read the stories and whether anyone was still paying attention. Greenpeace, Thank you.

To read Greenpeace's report on the Kuehne Chemical plant click here. To visit the Greenpeace website click here.