Community News

June 7, 2008 (Harrison NJ).  Harrison Mayor Raymond McDonough urged Councilman Steve McCormick to "Oh get with it, will ya?" at Thursday's Mayor and Council meeting.  McDonough was frustrated with being questioned by Councilman McCormick about the use of the Mayor's town hall phone number and the town hall address on the Harrison Democratic Committee's letterhead and the manner in which fundraiser tickets are distributed to town employees.   McDonough then proceeded to move to adjourn the town meeting.  McCormick stated "I'm not finished".  McDonough's response was to get up as he stated "I'm finished."  McDonough then stood for four minutes despite a suggestion by Councilman McCormick that he retake his seat.  McDonough appeared to be waiting for other councilman to join him in walking out of the meeting.  He eventually was joined by Councilmen James Doran, Francisco Nascimento, Mike Dolaghan and Councilwoman Carol Mandaglio.    As Councilman Doran was just about to exit the council chamber, he returned to the public podium to grab the public microphone and state  "Steve, you're full of it!  You care about Steve McCormick and that's all you care about." 

June 12, 2008. (Harrison NJ)  In our story entitled Oh get with it, will ya? we stated that there was no regular Harrison Council meeting until September 2008 unless the Mayor scheduled a Friday at 5 p.m. meeting.  Well we were off by an hour.  Mayor Raymond McDonough has scheduled a meeting for tomorrow June 13th at 6 p.m.  The Agenda which includes several Bonding Ordinances is available by clicking here

The Kearny Journal published a story on the June 5th meeting entitled  Harrison meeting ends in pandemonium.  The Star Ledger and the Observer failed to cover the meeting.  Joe Wood has sent a letter to the editor to Kevin Canessa's

July 13, 2008 (Kearny NJ).  A fundraiser has been scheduled for July 25, 2008 for Victor Muniz.  Muniz, a Kearny Resident , was struck and paralyzed by a tree while in West Hudson Park after a sudden thunderstorm.  Muniz has vowed to walk again and is undergoing intensive physical therapy at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in West Orange.  Muniz's words are inspirational.  In a video entitled Hope for a Man Paralyzed by Storm, Victor Muniz states, "Everything happens for a reason.  I think I am going to get better and I am going to learn how to grow during the whole process.  I want to be a ... motivational speaker.  Yes, I am definitely walking."  Watch the short picture video (below). Visit Victor Muniz's MySpace page.

There is an opportunity presented to the West Hudson community in Victor Muniz's tragic circumstances. 

June 25, 2008 (Harrison NJ).  Mayor Raymond McDonough has scheduled another Special Council Meeting.  The latest Special Meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 30, 2008 at 12 noon.  According to the Agenda posted on the town's website, the meeting will be for the sole purpose of voting on an Ordinance establishing Guyon Drive, Metrocentre Plaza, Crucible Drive and new portions of South Fifth and South Sixth streets.

August 10, 2008 (Harrison NJ).  Harrison Garden's Executive Director and former Councilmember Mike Rodgers this week has continued to enforce the prohibition apparently in the public housing lease agreement that prohibits tenants from flying flags outside their apartments.  Harrison Garden's resident Marie O'Brien wanted to fly the American Flag outside her apartment in honor of her daughter, Jennifer, who will be serving in the armed forces starting next month.  In any other neighborhood, the American flag would be welcomed.  Not in the Harrison Garden's neighborhood.  Here is where a rule needs to be broken.  Let Rodgers or any Harrison Public Housing official and/or worker take down Marie O'Brien's American flag.  In this turbulent time of war, how can Mike Rodgers deny a mother the right to fly the American Flag in honor of her daughter.