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Kearny Soccer: John Harkes

May 16, 2014 (Kearny, NJ) The Major Leaque Soccer Leaque has put together a short film entitled Great Scot about John Harkes and his selection along with Tab Ramos and Tony Meola as starters for the 1990 United States World Cup Team. The film traces the roots of a strong soccer tradition in town from Scotland and Scottish workers who immigated to the United States to work in the mills in Kearny. Immigrants continue to this day with the greater West Hudson Soccer Tradition.

The film has scenes in Kearny including a walk with John Harkes and his father Jim Harkes from his home to the Scots Club in Kearny. The Scots Club soccer teams have played and continue to play a role in Kearny's rich soccer tradition and history. The film is directed and edited by Jim Podhoretz for the MLS Insider sponsored by Adidas.

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Our 90,000th Post

May 10, 2014 (Kearny, NJ) Earlier today KOTW reached a milestone with the 90,000th post to our Discussion Board. It seems like yesterday that KOTW installed a new version of its Discussion Board in late August of 2003. The 90,000 post was in the "The Story Doesn't Make Sense" thread by a Guest poster "Non A-Hole Atheist" who pointed out the following:

Why would anyone bother to Debate with someone who's mind is already closed. Here's a Hint....Referring to Christians as "God Babblers" doesnt exactly make the case that you really CARE what they say. But thanks again for Reinforcing my earlier Posts about You guys. I wonder if you have any Christian Friends...and if you do, if you call THEM "God Babblers" to their faces...or are you just a jerkoff from behind a computer screen?????

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