Star Ledger Owes McDonough Administration An Apology

October 15, 2008 (Harrison, NJ).  In an article published last year in the Star Ledger entitled "Little town a big target in hunt for corruption" reporters Jeff Whelan, Rick Hepp, and John P. Martin wrote that investigators were eyeing the McDonough administration for corruption.  Mayor Raymond McDonough denied in an Observer article that there was any investigation.  Almost a year later it appears that Mayor McDonough was correct.  There has been no news since the Star Ledger article was published on October 22, 2007.  Mayor McDonough's Administration has made no changes and business as usual continues.  The Star Ledger reporters stated in their article that "federal and state investigators have recently trained their sights" on Harrison.  If there is a federal or state investigation, there has been no indictments.

Many supporters of Mayor McDonough were upset with the Star Ledger article.  Since it has been almost a year since the article and there have been no indictments, the Star Ledger reporters owe the McDonough administration an apology.  Since the article was published, there have been no follow up articles.  Indeed the Star Ledger has not reported on Harrison since the article.  No reporter from the Star Ledger attends town council or redevelopment meetings.  It appears that the article that appeared last year was a cheap shot at the McDonough administration just before the November General Election.  The Star Ledger has for years ignored Harrison.  One wonders what source the Star Ledger used for its article.  Apparently not a good one.  The article appears to have been politically motivated.

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