McDonough Slate Sweeps

November 2, 2010 (Harrison, NJ) Mayor Raymond McDonough and all four of his council candidates won their respective races.

Mayor Raymond McDonough defeated challenger Councilwoman Maria McCormick. In the First Ward, incumbent Jesus Huaranga defeated challenger Michael Gavini. In the Second Ward, former Councilman Anselmo Millan defeated sitting Councilman Steve McCormick. In the Third Ward, Councilman Larry Bennett defeated challenger Domingos Rodrigues. In the Fourth Ward, Councilman James Doran defeated challenger Joanne O'Brien.

Here are individual election results for Mayor and Council.

Harrison Mayor

Raymond J. McDONOUGH 1,344 66.50%
Maria McCORMICK 676 33.45%
Personal Choice 1 0.05%
Total 2,021 100.00%

Harrison 1st Ward Council
Jesus R. HUARANGA 291 68.79%
Michael GAVINI 132 31.21%
Personal Choice 0 0.00%
Total 423 100.00%

Harrison 2nd Ward Council
Anselmo MILLAN 325 60.75%
Stephen McCORMICK 209 39.07%
Personal Choice 1 0.19%
Total 535 100.00%

Harrison 3rd Ward Council
Laurence M. BENNETT 292 75.06%
Domingos RODRIGUES 96 24.68%
Personal Choice 1 0.26%
Total 389 100.00%

Harrison 4th Ward Council
James P. DORAN 396 69.47%
Joanne O'BRIEN 174 30.53%
Personal Choice 0 0.00%
Total 570 100.00%

The election results mirror the KOTW poll on the Mayoral race which had the Mayor winning by a 60% to 35% margin. How would have thought that our unscientific poll would be reflected of the ultimate outcome of the mayoral race.

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