Staff Sergeant Edward Karolasz

November 26, 2005.  One week ago today Staff Sergeant  Edward Karolasz of Kearny was killed while on patrol near Beiji, Iraq.  The loss cames at a time when one is gathering with family to give thanks for all the blessings one has.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Karolasz family at this most difficult time.  As one reads through the newspaper articles about Karolasz (links below) one takes solace in the thought that Staff Sergeant Karolasz' childhood dream was to serve in the U.S. Military, that he was always in search of adventure, enjoyed life in high gear, enjoyed hobbies such as skiing, bungee jumping and canyon jumping.  Ones thoughts drift to Karolasz' mother, family and friends. The picture of Edward's mother and sister in the Kearny Journal looking through photographs brings tears to ones eyes.  Staff Sergeant Karolasz was proud to be in the Army's 101st Airborne Division 3rd Brigade Combat Team and lived life to its fullest.  We give thanks to him for serving our country and giving the ultimate sacrifice.  We also remember the other four soldiers who were killed in the same roadside bombing.  An anonymous poster on Thanksgiving eve wrote on KOTW's Discussion Board:   "Let's all say a special prayer for his family on this Thanksgiving eve. May you rest in peace and may God give your family the strength to carry on your spirit of adventure and living life to its fullest."

We also remember, 1st Lt. Dennis W. Zilinski, 23, of Howell, N.J.; Cpl. Jonathan F. Blair, 21, of Fort Wayne, Ind.; and Spc. Dominic J. Hinton, 24, of Jacksonville, Texas; and Spc. Michael J. Idanan, 21, of Chula Vista, Calif. who were killed Saturday, November 19, 2005 in Beiji, 155 miles north of Baghdad when separate roadside bombs detonated.

The following are news article links:

(KOTW Note: Links to Articles No Longer Online Have Been removed. The following organizations removed their articles: Newsday, Fort, Star Ledge,,

Five soldiers from 101st Airborne Division killed in bombings (Newsday Article)

Families mourn latest Iraq victims from 101st Airborne

Blast kills city soldier in Iraq (

Mourning in Kearny for Karolasz (Star Ledger,

Coming home for the last time (Star Ledger,

Kearny Soldier Is Killed In Iraq (Star Ledger,

Kearny soldier killed in Iraq roadside blast (Star Ledger,

Likable Hudson hero loved the Army, adventure (Star Ledger,

2 New Jersey soldiers among 5 killed in Iraq (

(KOTW Note: Links to Articles No Longer Online Have Been removed. The following organizations removed their articles: Newsday, Fort, Star Ledge,, KOTW commends the Courier Journal for continuing to publish their story online about Staff Sergaent Edward Karolasz.

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