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Dawn's* Birthmother/Adoption Resources 

"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage, to know who we are, and where we have come from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning; no matter what our attainments in life, there is the most disquieting loneliness." Alex Haley

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  • ISSR Intro Page
    The First Stop for those searching.

  • Documents: What they are, where they are, what they mean, and how to get them
  • Adoption Acronyms
  • Things Not To Say
  • Adoption Dictionary
  • Adoption: Myth & Fact
  • Adoption Law & Reforms.
  • Bastard Nation
  • Bastard Quarterly.
  • Falsefied Birth Certificates
  • Adoptionopoly
  • Adoption Adoption Insights
  • Sealed Records & Adoption Reform:
    An Historical Prespective by Shea Grimm
  • Preparation before Contact by Amy Bredes
  • Adoption Law Materials
  • Sealed Adoption Records & the Search for Identity
  • M.O.R.E.Mother's for Open records Everywhere
  • Adoptees' Rights
  • Voices of Adoption
  • Birth Family Connections
  • American Medical Asso.
    (search & possibly find the Dr. that handled the birth.)
  • National Archives and Records Administration
  • American Adoption Congress
  • Ancestry Search
  • Adoptee and Genealogy Page
    from Carrie's Crazy Quilt.
  • How To Find Anyone, Anywhere
  • Where to write for Vital Records"
  • Vital Records Information
  • Vital Records & Secretaries of State (addresses)
  • T.I.E.S.: Terminal Illness Emergency Search
  • Free Legal Advice
  • Genealogy Home Page
  • Family History Centers
    Yearbooks & Adoption Links
  • Darilee's Yearbook (search a yearbook)
  • Email directory of congresspeople, state, and media.
  • Classmates:
    (may be away of locating someone)

    Ancestry Immigration Collection

    Search Prison & Parole Records

  • State of Illinois Department Of Corrections
  • National Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • State Of NJ Parolee Info
  • New Jersey Dept. of Corrections
  • Prison Search (all states, all crimes)
  • NJ Sex Offender Registry
  • New York State Parole List (searchable by name or charge)
  • Parole Watch
  • NetCourt-Trial & Expert Witness Transcripts
  • Massachusetts Social Law Library
  • Alert News Barrister's Inn School of Common Law
  • Prison reform group
  • The Justice Net Prison Issues Desk
  • Minimum Standards for Prisoners
  • Bureau of Prisons
    (with finding Inmate Information)
  • Proud to wear the prison blue (prison links)

    Online Registries and BBs

  • The Seeker( online registry)
  • Canadian Adoptees' Registry & Classifieds
  • Long Lost Family & Geneaology Bullentin Boards
    Adoption Reunion Registry
  • Catholic Charities Adoption Searches
  • The Difference: Registry
  • Effective Adoption Registry
  • Reunet.(Database & BB's)

  • Jilley's Adoption Reunion Registry
  • Reunions (registry)
  • Flip's Search Resources
  • Searching For Siblings
  • BirthQuest Search and Register.
  • FIND-ME Registry(register instantaneously)
  • Angela's Adoption/Registry Page
  • Janet's Adoptee Registry
  • Janet's BirthParent Registry
  • Carter's Adoption Search Page
  • Dymentia's Registry
  • AOL Reunion Registry
  • Lost N' Found Registry
  • Maiden Name Directory
  • Roots Surname List Name Finder
  • Genealogy's Most Wanted(surname listings & searches)
  • Surname Registry
  • Bits & Pieces Registry and more.
  • World Wide Profile Registry.
  • "Reclaiming my Roots" Registry
  • (another) Adoption Bullentin Board.
  • Parent SearchPolls & Message Boards
  • Search and Post Board
  • Searches Unlimited Registry
  • The Seeker (Reuniting America with the world)
  • Missing IdentitiesChildren Survivors of the Holocaust
  • Genealogy Portal
  • Genealogy's Most Wanted
  • Genealogy Resources.
  • (more)Genealogy Resources
  • The Ideal Maternity Home"Home of the Butterbox Babies".
  • Birthmom's resources.
  • US Vital Records Information.
  • Legal Pad
  • The ABC's of Searching
  • SpringerConnecti onLoads of more links to help in your search.
  • Missing Persons CyberCenter.
  • Open Adoption Support
  • Searching Monkey
  • RelinguishedSearch Database
  • Volunteer Search Network.
  • Adoptee Information & Links.
  • Adoption Database Network Ring.
  • Council for Equal Rights in Adoption(CERA).
  • The Adoption/Post Adoption Experience
  • Informus Corporation.
  • AIS Exchange List Search Resources
  • Adoption in Cyberspace
  • Heartland Adoption Connections
  • Coalition For Adoption Registry Ethics
  • US Census Bureau
    (age search service)
  • Vital records info.
  • Nationwide List of Where to Obtain a Certified Birth Certificate

  • Geneanet- Genealogical Database
  • Ancestry's Social Security Death Index
  • Reunions Magazine.
  • How to get Birth certificates, Marraige Licenses, Death Certificates or Divorce Records

    Search an Adoption Bullentin Board
    by Year

  • 1949 & Before
  • 1950's
  • 1960's
  • 1970's
  • 1980's
  • Our lady of Victory family Reunion Page (searchable by year)

    Specific Area Help
    Look for Obituary sites under "Obituary Information"

  • Alabama Birthlink
  • Searching near or in Tuscon AZ (Pima County)
  • Arizona Adoption registry
  • California Research
    Search Birth, Marriage, and Death Records:
    Search Today

    First Name:

    Last Name:

  • California Records
  • Reconnections of California
  • Colorado Adoptees in Search
  • Delaware reunion registry
  • North Georgia Adoption Support
  • Searching New Hampshire or Vermont?
  • Indiana Searching
  • Kentucky Vital Records Index
  • Louisiana Adoption Database
  • Birthmothers-Someone Special Help Center (Baton Rouge)
  • Index to Maine marraiges
  • Searching in Maryland?
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts Adoption Registry
  • MoonMist's Adoptee's & Birthparents of Michigan
  • Mississippi Reunion Registry
  • Additional Internet Resources
    (great links!)
  • Ohio Adoptee Searches
  • PublicData.Com (Texas)
  • Tennesee Registry
  • KKAY's Texas Search Page
  • FOCUS Adoption Reunion Support Group ForthWorth TX
  • Utah Adoptee-Birthmother Searches
  • West Virginia Adoption Registry
  • Virginia Registry
  • Wisconsin Adoptee-Birth Family Registry
  • Cherokee Nation West
  • Irish Adoptees Page
  • Swedish Adoption
  • Jewish Genealogical Society Rochester, NY
  • Alaska Legal Resource Center
  • Canada Help
  • The Parent Finders Kitchener/Waterloo,Ontario,Canada
  • Canada-Wide National Registry
  • Canadian Adoption FAQ
  • Alberta Adoptee Page
  • Searching Lost Families Ontario in the K-W and Cambridge Area.
  • Ontario Cemetary Finding Aid
  • Adoption in Quebec The Right to Know
  • Amerasian Network Viet Nam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Philippine Islands, Korea, Okinawa and Japan
  • Russia Adoption
  • GENTRACE: UK Family Research Facility
  • UK: Adoption Interlink.
  • Metro Reunion RegistryMaryland, District of Columbia and Virginia
  • Sylvia's NY Adoption Page
  • Searching Our Lady of Victory Infant Home? Lackawanna, NY
  • Oregon Adoptive Rights Association(OARA).
  • OARA Search Resource(searching guide)
  • Pennsylvania Search Help
  • PA Message Board
  • Internation Chinese Adoption
  • Irish Adoptess Searching
  • Info on Romanian Adoptions
  • South Carolina Searching
  • Texas Coalition for Adoption (Resources & Education)
  • TxCare: Texas Adoption Search Registry.
  • FirstMoms LinksLots of state and informative links

    1920 Census - Now search every name!

    Mailing Lists

  • State Mailing Lists
  • BRICKWALL Mailing List
  • H.O.T. Mailing List (Heart of Triad)
  • Interacial Genealogy Help
  • Lost and Found Email List
  • Catholic Charities Triad List
  • Ethics in Search A list to help alert people about unethical searchers and to help you do your search for little or no cost.

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    Every woman's story of the painful decision to give up her baby for adoption is unique, a very personal experience which goes...

    Adoption Reunions: A Book for Adoptees, Birthparents & Adoptive Families Adoption Reunions: A Book for Adoptees, Birthparents & Adoptive Families

    Michelle McColm worked in the adoption disclosure department of the Children's Aid Society where she discovered the fascinati...

  • Obituary Information
    from various newspapers and databases

  • The Birthmother Tree
  • Orphan Voyage Memorials
  • Allen County, Indiana Searchable Data Files
    Including Fort Wayne & Allen County Obituaries, 1841-1900.
  • American Friend Obituary IndexOnline searchable database from the Quaker magazine from 1894 to 1960.
  • American Jewish Year Book Obituary Index
  • Ancestor Obituaries of Coshocton ~ Coshocton County, Ohio.
  • The Anniston Star Online - Obituaries ~ Alabama
  • The Berkshire Eagle ~ Massachusetts
  • BPL's Obituary Database ~ Massachusetts
  • The Boston Jewish Advocate Obituary Database
  • Bradford Era Obituary Index ~ Pennsylvania
  • Bristol Herald Courier Obituaries ~ Virginia
  • Browning Genealogy: Evansville Area Obituary Search
  • Butler County Obituaries ~ Ohio
  • Butler County, OH Older Obituaries
  • Campbell County, South Dakota, Obitbook -- Interactive Search
  • Canadian Genealogy and History Links - Cemetery - Obituary
  • Cemeteries - Wakulla County, FL
  • Chattanooga Times & Free Press Obituaries ~ Tennessee
  • Cher's Mid Michigan Obitiuary Pages
    Obitiuaries of recent deaths, of people, in and around Mid_Michigan.
  • Clark County Obituaries ~ Ohio
  • Cleveland Jewish News Obituary Database
  • Cleveland News Index - Search on the word "Obituaries"
    Database from 1976 to present.
  • Community Information: Index to Local Obituaries
    Index to Chattanooga Tennessee Obituaries 1897-present.
  • A compilation of obituaries listed in the Maryville Enterprise from 1906-1960 ~ Tennessee
  • CTnow - Obituaries from the Hartford Courant ~ Connecticut
  • Cumberlink Obituaries
    From the Sentinel, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
  • Death Notices from Saratoga Whig Newspaper, 1840-1842 ~ New York
  • Death Notices from the Christian Guardian, 1851-1860 ~ Ontario
    A book by Donald A. McKenzie.
  • Death Notices of Some Early Pictou County Settlers ~ Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Deaths and Memoriams Extracted from the `New Zealand Herald' 1993
    From New Zealand. Find a surname of interest then e-mail the owner of the page for details.
  • Deaths from Kerwin's 1888 Saratoga Springs City Directory ~ New York
  • Decatur Illinois Herald & Review - Central Illinois Index
    Birth and death notices since 1997.
  • Detroit Free Press - Death Notices ~ Michigan
  • Detroit Free Press - Obituaries ~ Michigan
  • The Detroit News - Obituaries & Death Notices
  • ECPL Obituary Listing Main Page ~ Erie County, Pennsylvania
  • Obituaries (Eastern North Dakota & North Western Minnesota
  • Fargo Forum Obituary Index
  • The Florida Times-Union Online Obituaries ~ Jacksonville, Florida
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Obituaries ~ Texas
  • Funeral Notices - The Arizona Daily Star
  • Gospel Advocate Obituary Index
  • Highland Park Obituary Index 1874-1950, 1993-1998 ~ Illinois
  • Hopkins County Obituaries - Kentucky
  • Horry County Historical Society Obituary Database ~ South Carolina
  • Idyllwild Town Crier Online Edition
  • Index to Mentone Area Obits and Death Notices 1885-1995 ~ Indiana
  • Index to Obituaries Taken From The Southern Democrat, Blount County, Alabama 1915 - 1940
  • Joplin Area Deaths - The Joplin Globe ~ Missouri
    See the link to obituaries on this web page.
  • Kansas City Star Obituaries
  • - News - Obituaries ~ Tennessee
    Knoxville News-Sentinel Online.
  • Lexington Herald-Leader On-Line Obituaries ~ Kentucky
  • Mennobits - Amish and Mennonite Obituaries
  • Mennonite Archives - Obituaries - Main Index
  • Michigan Live: Obituaries
  • Monroe Evening News Obituaries ~ Michigan
  • Nacogdoches, Texas Newspaper: Obituary Index
    Held at the Stephen F. Austin State University.
  • Nashville Local History Indexes
  • News & Record: Obituaries ~ Piedmont Triad, North Carolina
  • Newspaper Obituary Index (1862-March 15, 1962) - Beaufort County ~ South Carolina
  • Norfolk Obituaries
  • North Central Iowa Area Obituaries
  • Obituaries and Death Notices from the Menasha Conservator May 14, 1856-March 17, 1860 ~ Neenah, Wisconsin
  • Obituaries For Some Anderson County Residents
  • Obituaries from the Goldthwaite Eagle-Mills County Texas
  • Obituaries from News-Star, Monroe, LA
  • Obituaries from Ontario's Christian Guardian, 1861-1870
    A book by Donald McKenzie.
  • Obituaries from the Baton Rouge Louisiana Newspapers
    1952-1959 and 1980-1991.
  • Obituaries from the Houston Morning Star, Texas - 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843. 1844
  • Obituaries from the Texas Telegraph [Houston], 1841-44, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848. 1849-50
  • Obituaries - Gibson County, Indiana
  • Obituaries of Eastern Kentucky
  • Obituaries, The Citizens' Voice Newspaper, Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • Obituaries, Garfield County Genealogists, Inc., Enid, OK
  • Obituary Index of the Winnetka Talk Newspaper ~ Winnetka, Illinois
  • Obituaries - Washington Times-Herald ~ Indiana
    Obituary listings since February 1998.

  • Los Angeles Public Library. Provides indexes to newspaper and periodical articles of obituary information.
  • Obituary Index Search for Michigan City - Michigan City Public Library
  • Obituary Index to the Alexandria Gazette, 1916-1925
  • Observer-Reporter Obituary Archive ~ Pennsylvania
    Obituaries for Washington and Greene counties from August 1997 through present.
  • OKbits - 1883 - 1997 Obits & Tidbits
  • Online Obituaries for New England
  • Obituaries ~ Florida
  • The - Obituaries ~ Bloomington, Illinois
  • Philadelphia Daily News: Deaths ~ Pennsylvania
  • Philadelphia Inquirer: Obituaries ~ Pennsylvania
  • - Matter of Record ~ Peoria, Illinois
  • Preble County Obituary Index ~ Ohio
    More than 10,500 obituaries reported in the Register-Herald for 1980-1995.
  • Providence Journal Obituaries ~ Rhode Island
  • Public Libraries of Saginaw Obituary Index
  • Pueblo Library Search - Search Obituaries - DRA Web2 ~ Colorado
    Death records published in The Pueblo Chieftain, 1925-1997.
  • The Quincy Herald-Whig: Death Notices ~ Illinois
  • Record Herald 1911-1930 Obituary Index ~ Fayette County, Ohio
  • Richland County Obituary Index ~ Ohio
  • Roanoke Times Online Obituaries ~ Virginia
  • Rock Island County Obituaries ~ Illinois
  • St. Louis Obituary Index ~ Missouri
    Index of names from both the Death Notice and Burial Permits listing, as well as Obituary Articles, found in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. 1900-1909, 1918-1919, 1942-1945, 1992-1999.
  • The Salt Lake Tribune - Utah Section
    Go to the Utah section and find the links for Utah Births and Utah Deaths.
  • San Francisco County Genealogy - Ancestors' Obituaries and Death Notices ~ California
  • Savannah Morning News Obituaries ~ Georgia
  • Dayton Newspaper 1985-97
  • Rochester Post Bulletin Obituary Database ~ Minnesota
  • Search the Skokie Obituary Index ~ Illinois
  • Sellers' Western Kentucky Obituaries
  • Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index
    Has a searchable obituary index.
  • Sioux City Journal Online - Daily Obituaries ~ Iowa
  • Siskiyou County Library Obituary Search Engine
  • SJCPL's Necrology File Online
    The Necrology File database for the South Bend Tribune for people who died in St. Joseph County, South Bend, Indiana.
  • Some Howard County, Indiana Deaths 1922-1935
    Extracted from Kokomo, Indiana Newspapers.
  • SouthEast Texas Obituaries
  • Southwest Virginia Enterprise - Obituaries
    Obituaries from the latest edition of this newspaper in Wythe County, Virginia.
  • Spartanburg Herald and Herald-Journal Death Index
    A listing of obituaries, created by staff of the Spartanburg County Public Library. 1907, 1944-1999.
  • Stephens County Obituary Diary of Guy Rangeley 1940's
  • Stevens Point Area Obituary
    From 1872; more than 96,000 names.
  • | The Beacon News | Obituaries ~ Illinois
  • The Sun Newspaper of Bremerton, Wash. - Local Obituaries
  • Tacoma Obituary Database ~ Washington state
  • Tampa Tribune News Obituaries ~ Florida
  • Telegram & Gazette Online -Obituaries ~ Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Tennessee Newspaper Obituary Indexes In Public Libraries
    From the Tennessee State Library and Archives.
  • Times-Dispatch Obituaries - Richmond, Virginia
  • The Times Herald Record Online - Obituaries
    New York and Pennsylvania newspaper.
  • Times-Mail Online
    Obituaries online since October 1996. ~ Bedford, Indiana
  • Times Online Obituaries
    Daily obituaries from the Beaver County Times, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.
  • The Times Record Obituary Page ~ Brunswick, Maine
  • Tulare County Obituary Index ~ California
  • Umatilla County, Oregon - USGenWeb Archives
    Includes Abstracts of obituaries from Hermiston newspapers.
  • Villa Park Argus Obituary Index -- Villa Park Public Library
    Index of Villa Park, Illinois obituaries published since the 1931.
  • Wabash Valley Obituary Index
    Indiana - Vigo, Vermillion, Parke, Putnam, Clay, Owen, Sullivan and Greene Counties; Illinois - Crawford, Clark and Edgar Counties. From the Vigo County Public Library.
  • Obituaries
  • Webster County Kentucky Obituaries
  • Wood County Public Library Obituary Index ~ Ohio<
  • Zion Lutheran Church of Helotes - Member's Obituaries located in northwestern San Antonio, Bexar, Texas.

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  • Find People Fast
  • Starting Points People Find
  • 555-1212 (email addresses, phone #'s, even search by phone #)
  • Investigative Links
  • Bigfoot Searchsearch for email address.
  • WHO? ME? Is someone looking for YOU?Click to find out.
  • World Pages Directory
  • National Address Browser
  • AmeriCom Long Distance Area Decoder
  • Adoption Cards
  • Adoption Related Book List
  • Adoption Book Catolog
  • National Adoption Information Clearinghouse
    Personal Homepages with more Adoption Related Links

    (listed alphabetically)

  • Adoption Reunion: A Success Story
  • ~God's Miracles~
  • Addie's Geneaology Home Page
  • Adoptee/Birthmom Search and links page
  • Angi's Adoption help page
  • Antonia's First Home Page!!
  • Arlene's Page w/registries
  • Arlene's Cousin's Page
  • In search of answers by Catherine S. (adoptee)
  • Cee Art's Home PageSearching for twin in Nebraska
  • (help with)Starting a Search for Birth Parents or Birth family ColeenK's page
  • Cyndi's List This site is fantastic for research!
  • Cyn's Adoption stuff(more helpful links)
  • Deb Smyre's Home Page
  • Deeann Hardy's Adoptee Resources
  • Dori's Home Page
  • Elizabeth Orsay's Geanealogy Links
  • Ellen's Search & Reunion
  • GhostDancer's Adoption Page
  • Homepage for Adoptees and Birth Families
  • Ena or Ina Kim's page for dau. korea 1962.
  • Janet's Adoption Links.
  • Julie's Search and reunion Resources
  • Karen's Place in Cyberspace
  • Karen's Home Page
  • KarenTA's Missing or Lost Family and Freinds
  • MsKatLady's Adoption Page
  • KKay's Adoption Corner(more great links)
  • Kay's Adoption Poetry
  • A MidWinter Knights Dream (Kim Antell's Page)
  • Lainie's Adoption Page
  • Tigger's Haven (Lyn's Page)
  • Mari's PlaceGreat page with alot of links
  • Mark & Cyndi's Family TreeLots of helpful stuff.
  • Michele Rice's Homepage(reunited families,and more links).
  • Mike's Adoption and Related Information Page
  • Missy's Adoption Corner
  • Mitsue and Chou Chou's Page
  • Nina's Page
  • Rita's Homepage
  • Sara's "Are you Searching?" Page.
  • Skye's Corner on
  • Susan's Corner
  • Stina's Webpage (are you adopted?)
  • Sylvia's NY Adoption Page
  • TLC Rose's Adoption Garden
  • Torski's Page
  • Wendy Dorriety's Page
  • Want to be a Birthmother E-Pal

    Search Engine searches on Adoption (already setup to search for Adoption)

  • EXCITE adoption search sites
    RootsWeb This site is fantastic for searches
  • 1st Search
    *Here are some searchers, searching companies etc.

  • Adopted? (searcher)
  • P.I. Links
  • Angel Searches
  • Deep Data investigative sources
  • WebgatorInvestigative Resources
  • Bassett Investigations>
  • Informus - DMV, criminal history checks and more (this site takes a minute to load)
  • National Credit Information Network
  • Locate Driver and Vehicle Registration Records
  • Servico DMV Services
  • ISI Database Reports
  • Holler for Janycemissing persons locating services
  • WorldWide Tracers
  • CSRA Online (database search)
  • Paper Trail (search consultant)
  • Corporate Investigative Services
    *I have not used any of the search services above, I am only providing the links

  • Virtual Reference Desk
  • Internet Cemetery Directory
  • Cemetery Resources
  • Obituary Daily Times Search
  • Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index (obituary search)

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